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​I have been blogging for about two years. In that time, I’ve come to a regular schedule of publishing a blog every Thursday. No matter what. Except last week. So what happened? Well, nothing really. Just everything else got in the way. So here’s a list of everything else I was doing when I could have been blogging.

Planning for an upcoming trip

In a few more months we are visiting southeast Laos and Cambodia. I am beyond excited. I have all of our reservations made, so now I’m down to planning little things. Mostly this means shopping at resale shops for clothes that are culturally appropriate and still cool enough for the hot weather.

I found linen pants for my husband and two pairs for me for only $10, plus we scored an ebag’s Motherlode convertible backpack in perfect condition except for missing a shoulder strap for $10. If you don’t shop secondhand I highly recommend it.

I also will have an opportunity to do some really cool things on this trip and I want to write about them. I’ve only done a little travel writing before, so I’ve been researching more about what I might write and who may be interested in the type of stories I have to tell.

Dealing with a migraine

I’ve talked about my migraines here and here before. That’s not much more to say about them other than I don’t feel like doing much when I have one. I had one most of last week so it made blogging extra challenging.

I take a vitamin B2/riboflavin supplement because I heard long ago that it might be helpful for migraine. Although many articles have cited research that shows vitamin B2 works for migraines, I am never really sure if it works or if I am just wasting my money. I ran out of my supply a few weeks ago and didn’t get to the drug store to get a new one, but I do think I have been getting more headaches and migraines in the meantime. I bought more vitamin B2 yesterday, so I’ll be able to tell if it is really working.

Finally watching a scary movie

I finally watched The Shining. I know I’m about 30 years late, but I was only nine-years-old when it came out. I also am not a big fan of scary movies, so it never was really on my radar other than a friend in high school once told me that the long hallway in our house looked like the one The Shining.

After watching it, I have to say, it was just okay. I know movies don’t always hold up over time, but what really seemed to be missing in The Shining was the plot. I was confused most of the time and was left with more questions at the end than goosebumps.

Of course, Jack Nicholson delivered some wonderful lines and did his thing, but beyond that I was not wowed. Stephen King has also said he is not a big fan of the movie. He has said it is, “Like a big, beautiful Cadillac with no engine inside it.”

I have never read the book, but watching the movie spurred me to read the summary. I can see now why I had so many questions. The plot of the book is a bit different and just another case of the book and the movie not matching up. Maybe I’ll have to read it on my 15 hour plane ride Laos.

Originally published at https://catherinelanser.com on October 28, 2019.

Narrative nonfiction and memoir. Querying my memoir about my family, told through the lens of brain tumor and father’s stroke. www.catherinelanser.com

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